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Research & Policy Workshop on Academic Entrepreneurship in (South) Eastern Europe: Public Policy Challenges


Technology Studies Group – BAS Institute of Sociology
Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Sofia


Research & Policy Workshop on


November 13, 2009 - Sofia, Bulgaria


The workshop aims at discussing the problems of academic entrepreneurship in South-Eastern Europe, comparing them with those with other EU member states.

The local organizers will present their findings from recently completed PROKNOW Project ( under EC Sixth Framework Program, revealing interesting patterns of academic entrepreneurship in Bulgaria, established during the period of post-socialist transition, such as the system of parallel appointment, in-house spinning-off, institutional entrepreneurship, the lack of sufficiently enough large firms as buyer of the products and services, provided by academic entrepreneurs, etc. It revealed the common ground behind the two conflicting tendencies in post-socialist academic spin-offs: as an authentic form of academic entrepreneurship grasping the opportunities opened up by the economic crisis and compensating failures in science and technology policy, on the one hand, and as specific rent-seeking strategy draining valuable public assets – on the other hand (the latter in turn boosting the negative attitudes in local scientific communities). The study provided new findings about the current evolution of the academic spin-offs in Bulgaria along the two polar trends and their repercussions on parent research institutions.

The workshop aims at discussing these finding in comparative perspective by inviting relevant Central and East-European scholars & science policy makers to share their experience in order of outline the challenges of research agenda and public policy towards the academic entrepreneurship as an engine of innovation and economic growth.

Accommodation and travel grants for foreign participants  are provided by ASO Sofia.

Files for download:
Workshop program (in English, PDF format)
Invitation to participants (in Bulgarian, PDF format)


Contacts:  Dr. Ivan Tchalakov, senior research fellow; Dr. Todor Galev, research fellow and Mimi Vassileva, PhD student at Technology Studies Group (TSG) – BAS Institute of Sociology -  13A Moskovska Street, 1000 Sofia
tel: 00359 2 980 9522;

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